Second Chance Skills Portfolio

The Second Chance Skills Portfolio (SCSP) is a personalised learning service to help you record and improve your skills as a second chance educator. You can access high quality Second Chance E-Learning Offers (SCELOs) to learn in a targeted, interactive and fun way.

Define your ambitions methodically

Define your professional development ambitions using the predefined Topics and record all your learning moments to keep track of, and demonstrate progress to colleagues or managers. Keep all relevant information in one digital space!

Set specific goals

Define your goals according to predefined Topics and record how you steadily move closer to mastering those new skills! As a Second Chance Education teacher/trainer, your students might need help accessing the labour market or using ICT for learning purposes - we can support you to support them! Our Second Chance E-Learning Offers (SCELOs) target SCE teacher/trainer needs.

Work on your targets and capture learning moments

While you work towards a particular goal, you can capture Learning Moments by recording them in the 'Moments' section. You can demonstrate and share your Learning Moment using text, uploaded images.

Evidence your development

Do you want to gain insight into how far you have progressed in your CPD? The Second Chance Skills Portfolio (SCSP) displays your progress with easy to understand data, images, and diagrams. Your added Moments can count towards progress reaching your goals, whilst your own evaluation is significant - Were the Moments positive? Were they negative? What did you achieve? These details contribute to the overall evidence.

Share with your supervisor or colleagues

Sharing, discussing, interacting - this are as much part of your work as planning, reflecting and even marking. You don't learn, live or work in a vacuum! The Second Chance Skills Portfolio (SCSP) offers the option to share your individual Moments, or entire portfolio with your supervisor or colleagues.

Second Chance Skills Portfolio is currently in the pilot phase

This service is under construction.